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Incubate © Britt Adams
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Trix Trax Trix, Antwerp It It Anita 22/09
Incubate Tilburg ... 10/09
Release 12" Split Het Bos, Antwerp w/ Eagulls, Coc 29/05
Release 12" Split 019, Ghent w/ Crowd of Chairs 04/05
Charlatan Ghent w/ Spectress 23/03
Swine Flu Fest Machelen w/ Onmens... 19/03
Beursschouwburg Brussel w/ All LFDY bands 19/02


Democrazy Gent w/ The OBGM's 14/11
Nachtlawaai Borgloon w/ HEISA 07/11
Cinépalace Kortrijk w/ LA Jungle 30/10
Incubate Tilburg w/ Lower 14/09
Klub Fel Oostende w/ DRS 30/08
Rockerill Charleroi w/ Condor Gruppe 20/08
Krawietel Gent 30/03
Klankkast Waregem w/ Wallace Vanborn 20/03
Merleyn Nijmegen w/ Raketkanon 13/03
LFDY Showcase Gent w/ All LFDY bands 01/02


DNA Brussel w/ Cocaïne Piss 18/12
Het Bos Antwerpen w/ Ice Age 30/11
MOD Hasselt w/ Bassdrum Of D.. 18/11
't Scharnier Oudenburg w/ Mind Rays 14/11
Autumn Falls Brugge w/ Die!Die!Die! 14/11
OJC Jonosh Asden-Heus.. 17/11


Eglantier Antwerpen w/ Die!Die!Die! 04/08
Kinky Star Gent w/ Movoco 27/07
Gavere Rockt Gavere 20/07
Video Gent 13/05
Vera Groningen w/ Wolvon 25/04
Cactus Brugge w/ Topanga 30/03
JOC Ieper w/ Vandal X 15/03


Fête d'hiver Oostende w/ The Germans 22/12
DonkeySquat Brugge 07/12
Kamikazeclub Mechelen w/ Kapitan Korsakov 07/12
Jh Comma Brugge w/ Topanga 16/11
De Moeve Lier w/ Rape Blossoms 10/11
Tank 08 Brugge EXPO 10/11
La Gare Rijsel w/ H-Burns 16/09
Bloemekesfest Antwerpen 15/09
Kinky Star Gent w/ New Bleeders 22/07
Boomtown Gent 20/07
Chalet Minigolf Gent w/ Deer 18/05
De Kreun Kortrijk w/ APTBS 05/05
JC Goudberge Wevelgem 27/04
Krawietel Gent 23/04
Zebrastraat Gent w/ Ynoji 19/04
De Walrus Maldegem 06/04
De Moeve Lier w/ Rape Blossoms 24/03
De Komeet Ardooie 16/03
Swine Flu Fest Machelen w/ Rape Blossoms 10/03
Cactus Club Brugge w/ Kapitan Korsakov 03/03
Bamboe Rock Marke w/ Kapitan Korsakov 25/02
Snuffel Brugge 18/02
Video Gent 14/02
4AD Diksmuide w/ Rott Childs 21/01
Kinky Star Gent 10/01


Trix Antwerpen w/ Polaroid Fiction 17/12
24/7 Expo Gent 15/12
Kinky Star Radio Gent 14/12
Playtown Radio Brugge 04/12
Factor Brugge Westtalent 03/12
OHK Oostende w/ DRS 02/12
4AD Diskmuide westtalent 09/11
Subcultures Wingene 28/10
De Noodle Beernem Westtalent 15/10
St Lucas Gent w/ Broodmes 13/10
Visioen Brugge 15/18
Nachtuurlijk Oostkamp 25/06
Charlatan Gent w/ Red Zebra 27/05
Listen St Lucas Gent 19/05
Mayday Mayday Gent 17/05
Zandberg Assebroek 30/04
Comma Rocks Brugge 20/04
Illusionist Brugge w/Ping Pong Tactics 20/04
Jh Comma Brugge 01/04

Hypnotiserende baslijnen. Neurotische drums. Ornamentaal gitaarspel en vervreemdende vocals. “It’s what the elderly like to call noise and what the kids call trash”, werd het ooit omschreven. Noem het post punk. Noem het wat je wil. Het is een kwestie van perceptie. Denk aan Eagulls, Iceage of Rape Blossoms. Maze daagt het post punk genre uit, herdefinieert het en tast de mogelijkheden ervan af. De jongens uit Gent bouwden bovendien al een respectabel track record uit. 4AD, De Kreun, Vera en Boomtown: de band weet live altijd te overtuigen.

It’s what you get when you mix up a slightly mental art student with a preference for phillip Glass minimalism and geometric patterns, a hyperactive drummer with skills as tight as a pair of hipsterjeans and a bass player who is also studying graphic design and likes to grow a moustache on a rainy day.
It’s what the elderly like to call noise and what the kids call trash. Words so alike that have such a difference in meaning. MAZE adds art to a blend of guitars, pounding drums, shredding vocals and a serious attitude to get to a point that they like to call “lo-fi-no-wave. Which means shit.
We had conversations about their band wich tended to end in completely esotheric discussions about the horizontality of music or with the promise that they would play in my living room for free which I had to prevent because my mom wouldn’t agree with that very much.
I heard people say they are complete shit, and I can call that a difference of stance. I like the way they produce amounts of noise only heard in fairytales. I like the way they throw themselves in the venue everytime they play. And I like the way their graphics match their music like they couldn’t exist seperately.
It’s not that it’s beautifull music or that you can pick up girls on it. But then it would be missing the point, I guess.

MAZE, Demo – 2015

MAZE, Demo – 2015

MAZE, Demo – 2015

MAZE, Maze – 2012

MAZE, Demo – 2010